Here are some pros and cons of using a company uniform

Pro #1: It establishes your brand and increases its visibility.

When your customers see your logo and slogan on your team’s uniform, whether in front or at the back, it increases your brand visibility and therefore adds validation to its establishment. Adding nametags to your uniform set also reinforces affinity between your staff and your customers.

Pro #2: It increases team spirit.

When your employees see each other with the same brand and logo on their shirts, it makes them all feel part of the same team who need to work together towards the same goals.

Pro #3: It reduces employee expense.

When your employees don’t have to upgrade their wardrobe every new season (and waist size) and think about what to wear everyday, you slash off one huge item in their expenses category and daily decision fatigue.

Con #1: Increased business cost.

You remove the wardrobe expense from your employee’s pockets to your business’. Add to that the incidental expenses when there are resigners and “resizers”

Con #2: Possible employee resistance.

If you are not successful in getting the buy-in of your entire team in the decision and the design, it will be hard to make them keep wearing it everyday.


In case you decide to proceed to implementing an office uniform, here’s a policy and violation template that might help you announce and reinforce it.

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