Since the COVID19 outbreak, the demand for face masks has gone beyond the roof. In the beginning, only health workers and symptomatic patients were required to wear it. However, as the situation seems to be getting worse, it has now become a basic commodity for everyone who wishes to protect themselves and their loved-ones.

With this, face masks have become the most commonly sold item in online stores.

But, how do you know if your face mask is really protecting you at all?

ASTM International, the global organization that sets the medical standard for medical face masks since 2012 outlines five (5) key standards to make sure you’re getting the proper level of protection

1. Fluid Resistance – Can your face mask resist penetration of liquid such as saliva and blood?

2. Breathability – A controlled flow of air is driven through the mask, and the pressure before and after is measured. The difference in pressure is divided by the surface (in cm2) of the sample. A lower breathing resistance indicates a better comfort level for the user.

3. Bacterial Filtration – Can your mask filter out bacteria that are larger than 3 microns?

4. Particulate Filtration – What percentage of particles larger than 1 micron can your mask filter out?

5. Flammability – How much time does it take for the material of your mask to flame up when exposed with 5 inches of fire?

While it is not required for most of us to wear a mask that passes all five of the above medical standards, a single-layer cotton mask will obviously not be enough.

If you’re among the thousands of Filipinos who are now getting back to work and needs to wear face mask as basic protection, a 3-layer covering should be the bare minimum:

1. Outer layer must be hydrophobic– to repel liquids such as saliva droplets, blood and contaminated water, and keep them from coming close to your mouth and nose

2. A middle filter layer to keep bacteria out

3. Soft inner hydrophilic layer to absorb your sweat and saliva droplets as you speak.

If you don’t want to take chances with home made cotton masks, we’ll be happy to provide you 3-layered masks with the above mentioned features to keep yourself and the people you care for, safe and secured.

You may find the order form here

and send it to us here: oroformms_trading@yahoo.com 

Credits to the ASTM reference

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